The best trading opportunities today ... currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals, indices and stocks, January 21 Th

The best trading opportunities today ... currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals, indices and stocks, January 21  Th

European stocks rose on Wednesday after Dutch chip equipment maker ASML and Swiss luxury group Richmond gave encouraging earnings updates.

UKs benchmark FTSE 100 closed up by 0.41%, Germanys Dax ended up by 0.77% percent, France’s CAC finished the day up by 0.53 percent.

U.S. stocks closed at record highs on Wednesday as Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th U.S. president, while solid results from Netflix sparked a rally in shares of “stay-at-home” beneficiaries.

Dow Jones closed up by 0.83%% percent, S&P 500 closed by 1.39% percent, NASDAQ settled up 1.97% percent.

Treasuries Recap

U.S. Treasury yields ended little changed on Wednesday after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, who has pledged to revive a battered U.S. economy with $1.9 trillion in stimulus, and as $24 billion of 20-year Treasury bonds were sold at auction.

Yields on the 20-year bond trended lower, trading toward the end of the session at 1.631%, compared to Tuesday’s close of 1.64%.


As we expected yesterday, it gave the 1.55925 area, which is the bottom of the demand area, it gave the pair some support that it is trying to rely on now to build a correction wave targeting 23.6% Fibonacci 1.57876. If this scenario is achieved, we will monitor the pair’s dealings with the 23.6% Fibonacci area, and in the event of a rise above that area, its next targets will be. Around 1.60, while any drop below the bottom of the demand area will invalidate the bullish scenario

Expected trading range today 41 pips



As we expected yesterday, the pair continued in the positive performance above the 50-day moving average, but it is still trying to rise above 30.9% Fibonacci retracement, so we expect to re-test 50% Fibonacci retracement of 1.0815 during this week's trading, and the upside wave may extend towards 61.8% Fibonacci level 1.8330.

Below 1.074 cancels the bullish scenario

Expected trading range today 16 pips



The pair is still trying to recover from the bottom of the demand area after a sharp drop to the bottom of 0.88397, but we are noticing some positivity on the RSI and momentum indicators, but we are still trading below the 50-day moving average, so we prefer to start building long positions upon rising above the 50-day moving average with targets at 23.6. Fibonacci 0.89322, then 38.2% Fibonacci 0.89895

Below 0.8820 cancels the bullish scenario

Expected trading range today 21 pips


Yesterday, we expected the pair to start building a bullish wave, taking advantage of trading stability above the 50-day moving average, provided that trades remain above 1.20715, and we have set a condition for a decline below 1.2050 to cancel the bullish scenario.

The pair managed to stabilize above 1.20715 and the condition of canceling the bullish scenario was not fulfilled. Currently we are trading at 1.21298 with clear positivity on momentum and relative strength indicators in an attempt to rise towards 50% Fibonacci 1.22009.

Below 1.2050 cancels the bullish scenario

Expected trading range today 30 pips



As we expected yesterday, gold was able to rise above 38.2% Fibonacci retracement 1862, and currently gold is heading to rise above 50% Fibonacci, if gold succeeds in maintaining the ascending scenario without corrective waves, then the target of 61.8% 1899 will be the second goal of gold during this week, but it will also confirm the ability of gold to Re-target 1955 levels, which is the main objective of the current wave

Below 50 day moving average will retest the bottom of the 1800 demand area

Expected trading range today 130 pips



As we expected yesterday, the 38.2% Fibonacci area maintained Bitcoin's chances to re-rise, as it provided the necessary support to prevent the drop below that area towards 29,720 despite the hostile stance of the US administration towards cryptocurrencies.

Technically, in the case of trading stability above 38.2% Fibonacci, it can re-target 41520 provided it rises above the 50-day moving average and the above trades remain intact.

Below 38.2% Fibonacci projection will push Bitcoin down towards 29720

Expected trading range today 185,827 points


Dow Jones

As we expected yesterday, the Dow Jones maintained the Dow Jones rose to the 31210 levels we expected and then surpassed them, and is currently trading at 31257 levels.

The current levels are the highest during the coming period, but we do not find any negative signals, while we cannot recommend repurchasing from those areas, so we prefer to close the long positions now or close half of the contracts with adjusting the stop loss levels to the entry point

Expected trading range today 151 pips


Alibaba (#ALIBABA)

As we expected yesterday, (#ALIBABA) rose to 265 levels to confirm its ability to target 301 levels again, we had advised to buy from 252 levels so that buyers can close half of the contracts or the stop loss can be adjusted to the entry point with half of the contracts currently closed with specifying 300 levels as a final goal yet

Expected trading range today 52 pips


تحذير المخاطر: ينطوي تداول الفوركس والعملات وعقود الفروقات على مخاطر كبيرة على رأس مال المستثمر, قبل أن تقرر التداول بالعملات الأجنبية أو أي أداة مالية أخرى يجب عليك التفكير بعناية في أهدافك الاستثمارية، ومستوى الخبرة، والرغبة في المخاطرة. ارينسن لن تقبل أي مسؤولية عن خسائر أو أضرار نتيجة الاعتماد على المعلومات الواردة في هذا الموقع بما في ذلك البيانات، أسعار العملات، الرسوم البيانية ومؤشرات البيع والشراء والتوصيات على المنصة. يتم ادارة موقع ارينسن من مكاتبنا في سويسرا. التعامل مع الشركات التي نتعامل معها وهي fxdd وايضا icm capital من الممكن ان يكلفك كعميل عمولات مختلفة بحسب حجم العقد ( اللوت ) الذي تختاره على كل صفقة وبحسب الأصل الذي تختاره من بين الأصاول المختلفة المعروضة في كل وسيط, من دون اي عمولة اضافية كونك تفتح الحساب عن طريق موقع ارينسن
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